These helpful materials and resources are free for all and easily accessible in hopes that everyone in Wisconsin will KNOW METH and know how to help prevent use. If you’re looking for treatment, learn more here.

Northwoods Coalition

Download campaign materials, find local events, and more.

Methamphetamine Drug Facts

The National Institute on Drug Abuse includes a section on Methamphetamine use and long term psychological and physical effects of the drug.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services – Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery

List of state community mental health programs and substance abuse services.

Northwoods Coalition 2017 Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drugs

This report summarizes the most current data available on alcohol, opioids (prescription drugs and heroin), methamphetamine and other drug use and abuse across Northern and Western Wisconsin. Available county and Wisconsin Native American tribal information has been included and is compared to data from the state and Northwoods Coalition (35 counties in Northern and Western Wisconsin including 11 Wisconsin Native American Tribes).

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

This nonprofit agency provides support for the parents of youth who struggle with addiction.

Alliance for Wisconsin Youth

Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) brings together coalitions, individuals and resources for a common goal that affects young people through the promotion of positive youth development. This goal of preventing substance abuse and behavioral health concerns is supported by over 100 AWY coalition’s members with the mission and focus to enhance and support those Alliance coalitions in their prevention efforts and youth development work.

Get Smart About Drugs

This website provides resources and lesson plans for parents, professionals and educators on substance abuse prevention.